How to Play

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Are you allowed to use a move card and a dice roll for the same pawn?

Yes, however, the moves may not be combined.

ex) If the player rolls a four, and has a move six card, they may apply them to the same pawn, but as separate moves on the same turn. The pawn would first move four spaces, and then move six spaces, or vise versa. However, the pawn could not move ten (four plus six) spaces all at once and must face the consequence of both moves. This means if the player moves four spaces first and lands on a pink space, they must collect a risk card before moving their next six spaces.

2. What is the intended age group?

This game targets all age groups. For children under the age of 5, I would say that there should be parental guidance due to small pieces which are potential choking hazards. Moreover, the instructions are relatively detailed but once explained they can be easily understood. There is no age maximum. With over 43 copies purchased, I have received reviews from many families, of all age groups.